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The following articles are written by Tommy Thompson about the Alexander Technique. They give you an idea of his approach to the work, his philosophy and point of view of the Alexander Technique and the training course of the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge.

At the Heart of Teaching
(or ‘A Brilliant Disguise’Song Title by Bruce Springsteen)
Keynote Address given at the 2nd International Alexander Teachers’ Conference
April 10, 2017, Dublin, Ireland,

Moving from the Still Point of Support
An Interpretation of the Alexander Technique (also available for download in PDF format)

Japanese Translation of Moving from the Still Point of Support, by Yasuhiro Ishida

Sun and Moon
A talk given at the 6th International Congress of the Alexander Technique in Freiburg, Germany in 1999 on the day of the eclipse of the sun by the moon. (also available for download in PDF format)

Anam Cara
Keynote address delivered at the 2000 ATI Annual General Meeting at Spanish Point, Ireland (also available for download in PDF format)

The Teaching of Frank Pierce Jones: A Personal Memoir
(also available for download in PDF format)

Frank Pierce Jones’s Views on the Alexander Technique
The moral and humanistic implications of the Alexander Technique (also available for download in PDF format)

Learning How to Learn: My Work with the 1976 Olympic Rowing Team

Showing Up
Instructions given at the beginning of each class to the actors in the Advanced Institute for Theater Training at The American Repertory Theater about how they might look at preparing to ready themselves for class. (also available to download in Japanese translation.)

Making Peace with Yourself is the Ultimate Use of the Self
Excerpt from ATI’s Exchange Journal Fall 2010 (PDF file)


Interview discussing Frank Pierce Jones
Tommy and Robert Rickover discuss Frank Pierce Jones’ work, and Tommy’s training with Frank.

A First Alexander Technique Lesson
Tommy speaks with Imogen Ragone about his approach to teaching a first lesson.

Interview with Paul Cook of Direction Magazine – download mp3 file.  Unedited Interview with Paul Cook, editor of Direction Magazine. In this interview Tommy describes in great detail having studied with Dr Frank Pierce Jones and offers many original insights about training to teach the Alexander Technique. The interview is quite personal as well as historical and universal.  Note: There are several interruptions to the interview given the faulty phone connection. An edited version of this interview is forthcoming.


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