Welcome to the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge, Massachusetts (ATCAC)

Founder and Director Tommy Thompson 


*Recipient, Best of Cambridge award 2016 for Holistic and Alternative Health-for the Second Consecutive Year!

The Center Offers:

  • Tommy Thompson’s private teaching practice, offering private lessons since 1975.
  • Teacher Training Program in the Alexander Technique, a three-year, 1600 hour residential program, founded in 1983.
  • Tommy’s annual  post-graduate refresher courses, open to all certified teachers of the Technique.
  • Career and Life Enhancement Course open to all applicants beginning January 2016
  • Advanced Study in the Alexander Technique, a 500 hour course of continued study (by application only) for students with a thorough background/experience with the technique, not interested in teacher training, but to increase their practical and theoretical knowledge of the technique to sufficiently use the principles and concepts that are the basis for the Alexander teaching in their work.

  • Workshops for Alexander teachers and the general public.
  • Online mentoring for individuals and groups
  • Summer Residential Alexander Retreat  (August 5-10, 2018, In the Company of Support-Living in Relationship: The Alexander Technique at Essex Woods,  Essex, Massachusetts, www.easeofbeingretreat.com

A Note From Our Director

The Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge opened its doors in 1975, and since then has welcomed many hundreds of people. Each person comes for a different set of reasons, always motivated by a need to be addressed. Musicians, actors, dancers, and athletes come looking to improve their performance while minimizing the risks of repetitive stress injury. Many people come in struggling with pre-diagnosed chronic pain. Usually, they have tried modality after modality, often to little avail, and are desperate for a solution to their particular issue. Trainees come in, already deeply touched by the work of the Technique, eager to become teachers themselves.

The musicians, actors, dancers, and athletes generally do find improvements in their performance and a more sustainable use of themselves in practicing their crafts. People in chronic pain physically and emotionally do find significant and quite often lasting relief. Students of the Technique do learn the skills and concepts necessary to teach. But what I find most inspiring and rewarding is that everyone, to a greater or lesser degree, also comes away with a deeper sense of the profound majesty of the potential inherent in each human being. The Technique offers the insight – which takes a lifetime to truly explore and develop – that if we can lessen our commitment to seeing as we usually see, reaching for who we think we need to be, and reacting as we habitually react, then we can be more fully present for ourselves and the people with whom we share our lives.

Welcome to the Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge.

All good blessings,

Tommy Thompson
Director and Founder

If you are interested in an introductory private lesson/consultation or are interested in training as a teacher of the Technique, please contact me at: Tommy@easeofbeing.com or 617-413-1638.

About the Director:

For the past 42 years, Tommy Thompson has taught the Alexander Technique to professional and Olympic athletes, dressage riders, scientists, physicians, corporate and university professionals, high school teachers, university presidents, musicians, dancers, actors, children, and the disabled. He has given over 700 workshops, seminars and lectures for Alexander teachers, trainees and the general public in 17 countries. Tommy is on the faculty at Harvard University where he teaches the Technique to graduate students enrolled in the Institute for Advanced Theater Training, Harvard University/Moscow Art Theater and the American Repertory Theater. Read Tommy’s full bio >>