Workshop: Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, May 6-14, 2017

Workshop Details

Exploring Relationship through the Alexander Technique

From our first to our last breath, we are never out of relationship, to other people, to our planet, to the world, our ideas, thoughts, perceptions and yes, even our physical and emotional pain. Within this simple truth lie all our experiences in being alive. Our very identity is formed within the context of our response to what we find ourselves in relation to.

This workshop will focus on using the principles and concepts, which form the basis for the Alexander teaching, to foster and enhance meaningful relationships — with everything and everyone. The participants will work individually, in pairs and in groups to explore this theme. Prior to the workshop, each participant is encouraged to think about personal and professional relationships in their life; those that have proved to be unsatisfying or complicated, and
those which have always been easy and engaging.

Workshops will be conducted between May 6 and 14, 2017.

Tokyo Workshop

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Tokyo Workshop