Workshop: Freiburg, Germany, March 8-10, 2017

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Learning How to Learn

Als Lehrer, egal ob wir Alexander-Technik, Yoga oder eine andere Disziplin unterrichten, berühren wir Menschen auf verschiedenste Art und Weise. Es mag sein, dass wir sie körperlich berühren, oder über Worte oder unser Dasein. In jeder Form des Kontakts ist Aufmerksamkeit die Schlüsselkomponente. Für uns Lehrer ist es entscheidend, dass wir eine Art Gewahrsein dafür entwickeln, wie wir mit uns selbst in Kontakt treten, da dies in großem Maße beeinflusst, wie wir mit unseren Studenten Kontakt aufnehmen. Und wenn wir mit unseren Schülern arbeiten und ihnen beibringen mit ihrer eigenen Aufmerksamkeit einen guten Umgang zu finden, unterstützen wir sie mit der größten Fähigkeit, um dauerhafte Veränderungen zu bewirken.

Learning How To Learn

People from all walks of life are always asking me some version of the following: “When I leave your studio, I feel great! I have a wonderful experience of being me apart from the experience I usually have of being me. I like this experience and I want to keep it. However my new experience fades and I gradually revert to how I was before. How do I learn to find this experience again on my own?” The answer of course, is not to try to find what no longer exists except vividly in your memory, i.e. your new experience of being you. No experience is meant to last. What endures is your awareness of potential (from the new experience in being you) apart from the probable (from the accustomed experience in being you). But how do I explain this so that you will readily understand, and how do I teach so as to emphasize awareness born from the experience? What if I were to provide you with an answer along the lines of: “When I am working with you verbally or through touch, you have a different awareness of potential in being you apart from your accustomed behavior, and that lets you have a different experience. When I take my hands away, I promise to leave you with the awareness. You own that. It is more enduring than the physical changes that are a part of your new experience.” You have learned something, and from this learning you have a deeper understanding of you; of who you are or might become. In this workshop we will explore awareness born from experience as a means of making lasting changes.

Mi, 8. März ab 15 Uhr Einzelstunden
Do, 9. März von 10.15 – 13.15 Uhr, ab 15 Uhr Einzelstunden
Fr, 10. März von 9.15 – 12.15 Uhr

130€ Euro für beide Kurseinheiten/70€ Euro für eine Kurseinheit
50€ Euro für 30 Minuten Einzelarbeit
70€ Euro für 45 Minuten Einzelarbeit

ZAYT, Zentrum für Alexander-Technik, Yoga, Tanz und Beratung
Marienstr. 8, 79098 Freiburg, Wegbeschreibung:

130 €  Euro,


Renate Wehner
 Tel. 0049-(0)761-7073433

What people are saying. . . 

Thank you for the gifts of your being and your teaching in the workshop last weekend.  The fruitful combination of work that you offered us I’ve been calling to myself “practical compassion.”  For ultimately, that seems to me what you teach, ie. a way of compassion for self and other.  The way you presented some very “classical” Alexander Technique, for example “Hands on the Back of the Chair”, seems both respectful of the utility of the procedure and  a re-framing of this procedure within a much larger spiritual context.  Within this context, I feel deeply listened to and seen. Hence, the whole week in my teaching studio as I have been experimenting with “holding space for the student”, changes have been happening in both myself and my voice students.   It’s deeply exciting to witness.

— Victoria Cole, Workshop participant Febrary 2014

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