Workshop: Valcivières, Auvergne, France, 19 – 22 August, 2015

Workshop Details

On Being and Doing: The Perpetual Dance of Life

Being vs. doing is a false conundrum. You are and I am.

You cannnot, not be.

But you can, not do.

The dancer does. And for this they are appreciated.

However, in early fetal development, you are the primary curve of the spine and the major organs of support – including brain, heart, everything you need to keep you alive on the planet. Only after you have developed the centers of being which totally support your life, do your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes develop — first as little flippers awaiting their turn to transform the simple act of being in support into a planetary being capable of fulfilling desires; discovering what it means to be alive on the planet, and communicating your experience to others.

The flippers fully evolved let you do. Culminating in your hands and fingers, arms and legs you are distinguished from all other creatures, they give you the freedom to give expression to your life. When bringing form to our thoughts and visions, we favor and overemphasize doing at the expense of being.

Our design is the very apple that was eaten, enabling us to tilt the balance between being and doing. Before the doing you is created, the being you is created: in that order. Paramount to what we learn from this teaching is that we tend to define ourselves by what we are capable of doing at the expense of trusting the support of being in relation to something greater or apart from our desires. We lose a sense of belonging to something apart from what we ourselves create. When life is lived as if out of relation to all that is, there is often a sense of living in isolation. You mistrust your choices because they are all based on past perceptions of what you expect from the future. The balance of life lies in integrating the being and the doing. And that balance is too often is compromised by your sense of identity: who you feel you need to be to be you in a given moment — defining yourself more by what you do rather than by who you are.

In this workshop we will explore the integration of being and doing in movement.

Wed, 19 August – Sat, 22 August 2015
10 am – 1 pm & 2:30 – 5 pm each day

Re.sources – lieu dit La Moronie – 63600 Valcivières (FR)
(Near the little town of Ambert)

335 euros / $375 for the workshop fees and 70€ / $80 for housing in La Cheveyre cottage (groupe gîte with shared rooms 3 to 5 people). If you prefer a different lodging arrangement, please contact Patricia Kuypers (contact info below) and we’ll send a list of other holiday cottages or hostels so that you can make your own reservations.

Private Lessons
Private lessons with Tommy will be available. For more information, please contact Patricia Kuypers (see contact info below).

The studio 
A renovated barn in a mountainous setting 160 m2 of wooden floors, windows open to nature. The place is a little above the village on the road to pass of the Supeyres, 15’ by car from the town of Ambert, 75 km from Clermont Ferrand, Saint-Etienne and Puy en Velay, 130 km from Lyon. 

is at 10’ by feet from the studio, the center La Cheveyre proposes rooms for 3 to 5 people with shower. It’s the closest housing to the studio. If you prefer other lodging in the village like the auberge, please contact us for more information.

Meals & Cooking
We usually cook together in the big kitchen of the cottage. Experience shows that a budget for food for a week is around 40 euros / $45 for each person.

There is an airport in Clermont Ferrand, as well as in Lyon or Grenoble, from which you can reach the place by train and bus, we can pick you up by car in the nearest town Ambert.
If you come by train you have to arrive in Vichy or Clermont-Ferrand (from Paris) and take a bus TER Auvergne or Transdôme or if you arrive from Lyon you go to Montbrison and somebody has to pick you up through car-sharing organized amongst the participants to the workshop.

Additional Information
We suggest you to take warm clothes and good shoes to feel comfortable on the trail and to walk around in the mountainous landscape.

For More Information or to Register
Patricia Kuypers or Franck Beaubois Association Mû
Address: Re.sources Lieu Dit La Moronie FR-63600 Valcivières
Tel France: +33 (0)9 52 29 57 66 or mobile +33(0)6 09 36 46 88


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