Workshop: Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, March 4 – 15, 2015

Workshop Details

Teaching Awareness

As teachers, whether we are teaching the Alexander Technique, yoga, or another discipline, we are always touching people in multiple ways. We may connect with someone using physical touch, words, or with our being. In every form of connection, awareness is a key component. As teachers, it is critical that we develop our awareness of how we are connecting to ourselves, for this will greatly influence how we connect to our students. And in working with our students, when we teach them to work with their own awareness, we provide them with the greatest ability to make lasting change.

In this workshop, we will be exploring awareness. We will look at ways to expand our awareness to encompass not just what we are doing, but how we are using ourselves to do it.

Workshops will be conducted between March 4 and 15.

Tokyo Workshop

Body Chance Studio

For More Information or to Register, Contact

Ken Anno
Body Chance Studio

Tokyo Workshop


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