Workshop: Tokyo & Osaka, Japan, March 3-20, 2016

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Muscle tension is a natural state-without it, our bodies would collapse. But F.M. Alexander found that the stress of modern life can impair our natural sensory perceptions and cause us to lose the ability to discriminate between what is a constructive amount of tension and what is not. Many of us go about the daily activities of our lives with unnecessary and disproportionate effort and expenditure of energy. The Alexander Technique provides a way to increase our sensory awareness so we can learn to recognize unwanted patterns of movement and behavior. Once we become aware of our patterns, we can choose whether we wish to continue to reinforce them. The Alexander Teaching can be applied to any and all interpersonal relationships where personal sense of fulfillment is the desired outcome for all concerned.

Through Alexander Teaching, clients (students) can expect improved performance in everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking, working at a computer, speaking, singing, thinking, solving a problem, recovering from injury, or pre-diagnosed health conditions. This also includes chronic back pain as well as skilled activities such as all performing arts and sports.

Students who apply the Alexander teaching to their daily lives and specialized activities, typically report benefiting from enhanced levels of awareness, mental and emotional clarity, and expanded attention that includes not just what they do … but how they apply their self-awareness to enhance what they do. They report feeling more confident, poised, and satisfied with who they are in life.

Many students also find that they move with greater ease, breathe easier, sleep better, and find greater fulfillment in their relationships devoid of pain and discomfort. During the workshops students will be guided through discussions, exercises and guided movement towards a deeper understanding of what might be potential and possible in their lives.

Workshops will be conducted between March 3 and 20, 2016.

Tokyo Workshop

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