Workshop: Paris, France, April 28-29, 2018

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On Being and Doing: Our Still Point of Support in the Perpetual Dance of Life

You cannot not be… But you can not do…

The conundrum inherent in human design is the delicate tilt in balance between being and doing. Quite early in embryological development, before the “doing” you is created (the person capable of accomplishing personal goals and fulfilling personal desires), the “being” you is created (the person in relation to something greater than and apart from individual desires). In that order, all your organs, your nervous system, literally everything you need to sustain being alive on the planet is created before your arms hands and fingers; and before your legs, feet and toes. “Being” precedes locomotion. Why? Because life is lived primarily throughout your day in activity, so we are designed to be supported while doing what we do.

Although paramount in what we learn from Mr. Alexander’s teaching is that we tend to define ourselves more by what we are capable of doing at the expense of trusting the support of being: simply being in relation to something greater than our desires as a way of self realization. And when doing so we often lose a sense of belonging to something apart from what we ourselves create. The balance of life lies in integrating the inherent nature of being and doing. And that balance is too often compromised by your sense of identity: who you feel you need to be to be you in a given moment– defining yourself more by what you do rather than by who you are. And when life is experienced as if out of relation to support given the demands in the ongoing present there is often a sense of living in isolation. And you mistrust your choices because they are all based on past perceptions of what you expect from the future.

In this workshop we will explore self awareness and subsequent identity through the integration of being and doing from the guiding principles and concepts which form the basis of Mr. Alexander’s teaching. We will do this through dialogue and discussion, demonstration and group exercises.

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Sat, 28 April: 10 am – 6 pm
Sun, 29 April: 10 am – 6 pm

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Sun, 29 April: 10 am – 6 pm

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