Workshop: Deusseldorf, Germany, June 1-3, 2018

Workshop Details

The Heart is in the Hands When Teaching


Did you know that there are receptors in our fingers and hands which are connected to centers in our brain responsible for conveying compassion? How often however, even when we as teachers do not consciously attempt to impart a corrective cue through our touch does the person we are teaching feel corrected. Their commitment to who they feel and think they need to be at a given moment in response to a stimulus often outweighs immediate acceptance of the new experience even though personal acceptance of what their new experience offers might lead to the changes in their life they wish for. Change seldom endures in the presence of self judgment. Change is commensurate with self compassion, reaffirming for the student they did the best they could with what they had available to them at the time. Given that unconditional touch is already connected to brain centers responsible for conveying compassion, when teaching could not the Alexander teacher then instill that same non judgmental compassionate touch already built into the system within the quality of their touch? And would this not invite their student to accept their new experience as an already existing part of their identity less foreign to them. With this in mind we will explore the “heart” in the Alexander work, through hands-on demonstration, discussion and multiple exercises designed for your personal experience of acknowledging what nature has already bestowed and intended.


Samstag 2. Juni und Sonntag 3. Juni jeweils von 10.00 – 16.30 Uhr
Einzelstunden und Sponsoring sind möglich am 1. Juni.

Der Workshop findet statt in Düsseldorf. Die genaue Adresse wird noch mitgeteilt. Die Mindestteilnehmerzahl sind 12, maximal 20 Personen. Die Kurssprache ist Englisch. Bei Bedarf übersetze ich gerne auf Deutsch.

Die Workshopgebühr beträgt 350 €
Frühbucherrabatt bis zum 28. Marz 2018 300 €
100€ sind als Registrierungsgebühr festgelegt, um den Kursplatz zu sichern. Sie werden bei Stornierung durch den Teilnehmer nicht zurückerstattet. Sollte der Workshop durch Tommy Thompson abgesagt werden müssen, dann wird selbstverständlich die volle Summe zurückerstattet.

Tommy gibt am Freitag den 1. Juni, 14:00 – 19:00 Uhr, 30 min cost 60 €, 45 min 90 €, 60 min 120 € (für Einzelstunden ist Barzahlung möglich)

Die Bezahlung der Workshopgebühr wird mit Anmeldebestätigung durch Sabine Grosser fällig. Bitte überweist das Geld auf das Konto:
Sabine Grosser
IBAN DE 24 6001 0070 0508 0727 08
Für diejenigen von Euch, die eine Übernachtungsmöglichkeit brauchen. Die Jugendherberge in Düsseldorf hat eine sehr hohe Qualität.
Alternativ könnt ihr auch auf HRS schauen. Oder eine Privatunterkunft über buchen.

What people are saying. . .

Thank you for the gifts of your being and your teaching in the workshop last weekend. The fruitful combination of work that you offered us I’ve been calling to myself “practical compassion.” For ultimately, that seems to me what you teach, ie. a way of compassion for self and other. The way you presented some very “classical” Alexander Technique, for example “Hands on the Back of the Chair”, seems both respectful of the utility of the procedure and a re-framing of this procedure within a much larger spiritual context. Within this context, I feel deeply listened to and seen. Hence, the whole week in my teaching studio as I have been experimenting with “holding space for the student”, changes have been happening in both myself and my voice students. It’s deeply exciting to witness.

— Victoria Cole, Workshop participant Febrary 2014

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