Graduation, Certification, and Internships


Upon successfully completing the 1600 hours of study, including supervised teaching and assignments, trainees are awarded a Certificate of Qualification recognizing that they have satisfied the requirements necessary to teach the F. Matthias Alexander Technique.


Graduates are eligible to become Certified Teaching Members of Alexander Technique International (ATI). ATI is an international professional society of Alexander Technique teachers. ATI assesses and certifies its teaching members through a sponsorship process, in which candidates meet individually with three ATI Sponsoring Members to demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge of the Technique and practical teaching skills.


ATCC has affiliations with the Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, and the American Repertory Theatre (ART), at Harvard University. ATCC can generally assist graduates of the Teacher Training Program in setting up internships at one or more of these institutions. Interns generally assist in teaching the Alexander Technique in a group setting, usually to a group of musicians, dancers, or actors (though at the ART interns are usually observing, rather than providing hands-on assistance).

2014 Graduation

2014 Graduation

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